Due to works, the railway line Dugo Selo-Novska will be closed to traffic between Ivanić-Grad and Prečec, on March 25, from 8:00 am until 2:15 pm, and on March 26, from 7:10 am until 3:00 pm. During this period, passengers will be transported by buses instead of trains on the routes Novska- Dugo Selo, Novoselec-Dugo Selo and back and Kutina-Dugo Selo and back. Please check the timetable here.

Delays are possible due to special traffic regulation.


On March 25 and 26, train No. 210 (Vinkovci 8:39 am-Villach 5:08 pm) will operate on an auxiliary route Novska-Sunja-Sisak- Velika Gorica-Zagreb Resnik-Zagreb GK.

Passengers of train No. 210, whose destinations are the stations between Novska and Zagreb GK to Ivanić-Grad station will be transported by buses, and from Ivanić-Grad station the journey will continue by train.

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