Due to works, the railway line State border-Buzet-Pula will be closed to traffic between Lupoglav and Pazin stations, from March 6 until April 21, except on Saturdays, Sundays, and on Holidays, 8:20 am-1:20 pm. During this periods passengers will be transported by buses instead of trains on the route Lupoglav-Pazin and back:

  • 4704 Pula 9:02 am-Pazin 10:11 am-Lupoglav 10:42 am-Buzet 11:01 am
  • 4707 Buzet 11:10 am-Lupoglav 11:29 am-Pazin 11:59 am-Pula 1:07 pm.

Possible delays due to special traffic regulation.

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