Preparation of projects and other project documentation for the second track upgrade, rehabilitation and construction and construction of the new double-track railway line Dugo Selo – Novska, Phases 2 and 3


Purpose of this project is following:

  • preparation of the main design and other documentation required for obtaining of construction permits in line with previously designed Preliminary design and obtained location permit,
  • preparation of the tender documentation,
  • obtaining of construction permits for upgrade, reconstruction and rehabilitation of the existing single-track railway line on subsections Novoselec–Kutina (26 km) and Kutina–Novska (25.5 km);
  • preparation of the preliminary design, feasibility study with cost-benefit analysis and financial and economic analysis, environment impact assessment,
  • project application,
  • main design,
  • tender documentation and obtaining of location and construction permits for construction of the second track on subsections Dugo Selo–Novoselec (32 km), Novoselec–Kutina (29 km) and Lipovljani–Novska (11 km) and for construction of the new double-track railway line on subsection Kutina–Lipovljani (10 km).

Total value of the project design is € 10,215,000 85% of which is provided by the European Union (IPA – € 8,682,000), and 15% by the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

Design contract was signed on 4 November 2013 between HŽ Infrastruktura d.o.o. as the Employer and Técnica y Proyectos S.A. (TYPSA) from Spain, in consortium with SA Egis Rail from France, Ingeneria y Economia del Transporte, S.A. (INECO) from Spain,and Inženjerski Projektni Zavod (IPZ d.d.) from Croatia as the Contractor.

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