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  • HŽ INFRASTRUKTURA d.o.o. za upravljanje, održavanje i izgradnju željezničke infrastrukture – HŽ Infrastructure Limited Liability Company for Management, Maintenance and Building of Railway Infrastructure
  • Headquarters: Zagreb, Mihanovićeva ulica 12
  • Established by the Republic of Croatia with sole membership.
  • The Company’s stock capital is HRK 224,188,000.00 / EUR 29,754,860.97 (fixed exchange rate 7.5345).
  • Tax number: 2163837
  • Personal Identification Number (OIB): 39901919995
  • IBAN: HR442340009-1110252804
  • Foreign currency account: 70010-041193



  • Railway infrastructure management
  • Organization and railway transport regulation
  • Maintenance and modernization of railway infrastructure, its protection and activities of railway infrastructure building
  • Technical inspection of wagons
  • Railway vehicle shunting and marshalling services
  • Repair and maintenance of rail and other vehicles
  • Railway transport for one’s own needs
  • Storage services
  • Lease of railway vehicles for railway infrastructure maintenance and building
  • Tests of electrical installations and lightning protection installations
  • Tests of machines and devices with increased dangers, tests in the work environment
  • Occupational safety tasks, environmental protection and fire protection
  • Purchase and sale of goods
  • Commercial agency services at domestic and international market
  • IT services and related activities
  • Rental of one’s own real estate
  • Design, construction and construction supervision
  • Activity of passenger transport in domestic road traffic
  • Passenger transport activities in international road transport
  • Freight transport activities in domestic and international road transport
  • Geodetic activity
  • Aerial shooting
  • Activities of production, marketing and use of chemicals
  • Activities of controlling harmful organisms or destroying plants, plant products and other controlled objects for which destruction measures have been ordered
  • Maintenance of public areas where motor vehicle traffic is not allowed
  • Maintenance of public green areas
  • Keeping public areas clean
  • Landscaping and landscape maintenance



  • President of the Management Board, Ivan Kršić
  • Member of the Management Board, Darko Barišić
  • Member of the Management Board, Marijan Ćužić
  • Member of the Management Board, Damir Lončarić
  • Member of the Management Board, Subhi Tawfiq


  • Pružne građevine d.o.o.
  • Proizvodnja-regeneracija d.o.o. (23%, company in liquidation since February 7, 2014)
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