Maintenance and Modernization


In order to enable railway operators to offer their customers a service of the best possible quality, i.e. to increase the movement flow of passengers and goods by rail, one of our basic goals is rehabilitation, modernization, upgrade and construction of railway lines and facilities. We are focusing on projects, foreseen to be co-financed mostly from EU funds, i.e. those projects for which HŽ Infrastruktura already has secured European funding, as well as all future projects, which can be realized by means of EU funds co-financing.


HŽ Infrastruktura performs maintenance, rehabilitation and modernization of railway infrastructure, which consists of the following:

  • Civil engineering infrastructure subsystem, which includes superstructure and substructure(together with stations and stops) and track structures (construction structures, such as bridges and viaducts, geotechnical, such as embankments, side cuts, cuts, tunnels and hydrotechnical, such as canals, and similar.)
  • Electrical engineering infrastructure subsystem, which includes signalling and interlocking devices, communication systems, power stations, overhead contact line and central electrical traction distance management.
  • Segment of control and measurement of the mentioned railway infrastructure subsystems, which ensures data on track parameters and on the basis of this, elements are obtained for the drafting of a timetable per certain lines/section.
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