Upgrade and electrification of the railway line Vinkovci – Vukovar


Upgrade and electrification of the railway line Vinkovci – Vukovar, a section important for international transport, in the length of 18,71 kilometer, will enable an increase of the volume of the rail transport and transshipment operations in the Port of Vukovar and better connection of the rail passenger transport of the Vukovar-Srijem County with the main traffic corridors and other counties, and will have a particularly positive impact on the comfort and safety of the journeys as a part of the daily migrations of the passengers.

Following the modernization, the rail section Vinkovci – Vukovar will be adapted for the maximum train speed of 120 km/h, which will shorten the journey by ca. 50 percent, so the journey in passenger transport will take 20 minutes and in the freight transport 30 minutes. Electrification of the section will enable an economically and energetically more profitable, and an environmentally sustainable rail transport. The rail section capacity will be enhanced and the access to the Port of Vukovar will be improved. Being situated on the TEN-T Corridor Rheine-Danube, in this way the port will have a quality connection with the Corridor RH1, the former Paneuropean Corridor X. Modernization of the railway line Vinkovci – Vukovar will contribute to the economic development of the local community and recovery of the eastern part of Slavonia.

Project of upgrade and electrification of the railway line Vinkovci – Vukovar encompasses the following:

  • Entire reconstruction and renewal of the existing single-track railway line
  • Renewal of rail stations Vukovar-Borovo naselje and Vukovar and stops Nuštar and Bršadin-Lipovača,
  • Performance of all necessary works on the civil-engineering, control-command, signaling and interlocking and power subsystems.

As a part of renewal of the rail stations and stops, the parking lots for personal cars and bicycles will be arranged, easier access to the persons with reduced mobility enabled, and for the sake of noise protection of the residents who live by the railway line, the noise barriers will be constructed. Installation of the up-to-date system of traffic signalization and telecommunications and construction of the pedestrian underpasses will enhance the safety of all participants in the traffic.

The Grant Agreement for modernization of this rail section in the total value of HRK 677.701.939,19 and eligible costs in the amount of HRK 516.330.736,35 was signed on 21 May 2018 by the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Central Finance and Contracting Agency, and HŽ Infrastruktura. The Project is co-financed by the European Union from the Operational programme “Competitiveness and Cohesion”, Cohesion fund with 85 percent and by Government of the Republic of Croatia with 15 percent.

On March 14, 2019, HŽ Infrastruktura signed a works’ supervision contract for the Upgrade and electrification of the railway line Vinkovci – Vukovar with the consortium of economic entities Rubicon Engineering and SPC Engineering Ltd. from Bulgaria, in the amount of HRK 10,260,000.00.

On December 20, 2019, in Vukovar, HŽ Infrastruktura signed a works contract for the Vinkovci – Vukovar railway line modernization in the amount of HRK 376,340,359.04 with the community of Spanish companies Comsa S.a. and Comsa Instalaciones Y Sistemas Industriales S.a. The foreseen duration of works is 24 months, and 30 months for the supervision.

Works began with preparatory activities in April 2020. Despite the coronavirus pandemic which has accompanied the project from the beginning, works have not been suspended even for a moment.

By the beginning of 2022, more than 20 km of tracks and all turnouts in various stages of readiness have been laid. All culverts and the span structure of the Bobota Canal bridge have been built. Works are nearing completion on all three underpasses (pedestrian and bicycle one at Nuštar stop, pedestrian one at the Vukovar-Borovo Naselje station and at Bršadin-Lipovača stop). Works on laying concrete drainage channels, construction works on level crossings, as well as works on the installation of noise protection walls are progressing. The buildings for the accommodation of signalling and interlocking devices in Đergaj and Vukovar, the building of the plant for overhead contact line sectioning in Vinkovci and the building for reactive energy compensation within the substation Jankovci are in a high degree of readiness. The works on the foundation and installation of poles and portals of the overhead contact line, as well as the construction of the foundations of turnouts for heating turnouts at stations and in Đergaj dispatch station, are nearing completion. Work on lighting and other power plants is continuing. The activity of designing and preparing software for the traffic control and signalling and interlocking subsystem is being carried out.

During the works, various activities are carried out on the visibility of the project in order to present its importance for the local community and the wider region.

Major interventions as part of the works on the Vinkovci – Vukovar line are being carried out in the announced line closures at certain time intervals. During this time, passenger transport is organized by buses. More information can be found here: VINKOVCI – VUKOVAR.

For further information, please contact: korporativne.komunikacije@hzinfra.hr

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